Good party music for 2013-2014

Italo-disco party in The Hague!

Italo-disco party in The Hague! (Photo credit: David Domingo)


Party music from the 70’s is quite different than the party music that you find in non retro parties of today. It is important to follow trends if you are either throwing a party or going to one. It makes a good conversation starter and also creates an ambient for your guests to relax with. A proper music with amazing remixes will make sure you get your point across. Party! Naturally, the genre differ quite a bit between age groups, cliques and other factors. But a proper music selection will please most to some extent. That is the point of a good DJ!


Some 2013 party music examples:



We would also like to ask you, the reader, what you think about the music trends of today. What is the most common music style you encounter at parties you go to?



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